Megan grew up with Norwegian potato lefse, making it with her family every year at Christmas time, and eating it the traditional way: with butter and a generous sprinkling of sugar.

Years later, when Megan and Jeremy were first getting to know each other’s family traditions, Jeremy fell in love with this humble flatbread, and also saw its larger potential as a great street food. They quickly realized they had a unique and versatile concept on their hands.

In 2010 they purchased a 57 year old Streamline Duchess aluminum silver trailer, named her Gudrun (it means “she who knows the secrets of battle”), and opened Viking Soul Food. They decided to specialize in lefse and Scandinavian inspired dishes, taking a somewhat irreverent approach to tradition, while maintaining the utmost reverence for the ingredients they prepare.

Soul Food is a term commonly used to refer to African American food primarily from the Southeastern states, but for many “soul food” evokes something more: it is a food that is almost indescribably comforting, makes the most of often humble ingredients, and refuses to waste anything. It was while pondering those aspects of Soul Food that Megan and Jeremy stumbled upon the name “Viking Soul Food” for a place that specializes in Scandinavian inspired dishes that adhere to some of the very same principles that make American Soul Food so appealing and timeless.